About us

Apples & Oranges started in Waldorf, MD over 12 years ago as a home-based center and has recently relocated to the Richmond area.  It is family owned and operated.  We are passionate about improving the lives and community of the people around us. 

The child care management team here at Apples & Oranges ELC is driven by a common purpose to improve the lives of those we serve in the areas of child and family health, child welfare, and education.

We believe that when you have a strong director, a good culture, inspiring curriculum, committed teachers, dynamic services, involved parents, and a supportive community, students thrive.

Our Mission

Apples & Oranges ELC's focus is to provide a nurturing, educational, and safe environment for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children.  We are especially passionate about the care and development of each child during the first 5 years. This time is a crucial time of development, and a time that will affect the rest of their lives. 

Parents can be at peace with the confidence and assurance that their little ones are receiving exceptional care specific to their individual needs.